SNARE, 2007

Mixed media with reflective tape and rope
600 x 300 cm (variable)

Like 'Parterre' (2005), this work was inspired in part by Kate's fascination for the seemingly magical properties of reflective materials. 'Snare', a life-size fisherman's net, is suspended in mid-air, as if floating in water. The making and mending of nets is work that is never done - a Sisyphean task that must be repeated again and again, a symbol of hard graft and endless patience - while the process of fishing itself is both dangerous and yet somehow miraculous. At times the fisherman has to risk his own life, but his work holds a fascination for him - he never knows what his haul will contain. The duality of his life is mirrored in the reflective nature of the material; in some lights it's barely there, in others it glints menacingly.

Through the Looking Glass, Royal Albert Docks, London, 2007
The Space Between, The Crypt, St Pancras Church, London, 2009

Photos: Francis Ware