ISSUE, 2004

Digital video animation
Two minutes, looped
7 x 11 cm

Kate's animations are concerned with time-based change, patterning, sequencing and the body's relentless development and miraculous growth. 'Issue' charts the loss of a child's milk teeth and growth of their adult replacements over a 24-month period. Like much of Kate's work it both attracts and repels; eloquent of the passing from childhood to adulthood, the gaping, red orifice also acts as a physically monstrous reminder of man's mortality.

'Gothic', Fieldgate Gallery, London (2008)
'Issue / Unthinking' (solo show), M2 Gallery, London (2005)
MA Sculpture Degree Show, Royal College of Art, London (2004)
'Timeshare', Barge House, South Bank, London (2003)